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The City of Batavia is seeking bids for trash collection. It is a service that has been provided by the Genesee ARC for nearly 30 years.

The city’s decision to put the trash collection out to bid jeopardizes 30 jobs -- 20 of them held by persons with developmental disabilities.

The ARC successfully renegotiated its last contract with the city five years ago. The ARC is paid about $810,000 a year for the service. 

"I think it comes down to the efficiency and effectiveness of the service being provided to the residents," Molino said on WBTA's Main and Center program Thursday morning about the City's decision. "Our approach moving forward with refuse collection -- and it has been -- is how do we continue to divert refuse tonnage from the refuse stream to the recycling stream, and ultimately lowering costs to the residents."

Molino says the ARC will be given the same opportunity to bid on the new contract.

“This is a competitive bid, no different than any other bid for any other service,” Molino said. “If you can provide that service and you can support it and provide the services we’re requesting, then they can continue to provide it.”

Molino also said he has received virtually no complaints about the service provided by the ARC.

Donna Saskowski, Executive Director of the ARC, says the trash contract with the city is vital to the agency.

“Mostly because it goes to our mission of employing people with developmental disabilities here locally in our community and it would mean that 20 individuals with developmental disabilities would be unemployed, as well as the staff – all residents of Genesee County – who would become unemployed," Saskowski said.

Molino expects as many as three private companies will submit bids for the trash contract. Saskowski said the ARC is weighing its options.

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