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Artist group University Heights Arts Association unveiled the very first Artcovz booth at the Independent Living facility in Batavia.
Founders Larry and Mary Kinney have partnered with Independent Living in Batavia to provide their consumers and community members with mini art projects and other materials to inspire and connect with aspiring artists in the area. 
Mary said "Our goal has always been as an art assosiation to serve people who are underserved.  Western New York has a wonderful art community but a lot of the art organizations out there serve seasoned artists, we want to serve underserved populations like people with disabilites who might not otherwise access programs as easily.  We have a partnership with the Independent Living center to hang art here by people with disabilities, to present these Artcovz and to use this as the starting piont for more Artcoz' elsewhere.”
Larry actually designed and constructed the Artcovz booth as a custom kiosk art dispenser with art projects specifically catering to the disabled community.
Larry said “I took something that was probably made close to a hundred years ago an old humidor, it was approximatly 26 inches tall, made out of mostly hardwood and I added wood to the bottom of it stripped off areas redid the whole thing.  So you really have to look really closely to see that it was a humidor at one time”
They encourage anyone to participate, whether you are just looking for something fun to pass the time with or would like to learn a new skill such as origami, the creatively compact cove provides a variety of projects.
Mary added “These new Artcovz are a selfserve type of art booth.  Anyone who passes by one is welcome to take a project.  They're free, they contain everything from drawing to small sculpture projects, garden art, adult coloring sheets, CD samples, literature.  And we change out the art frequently.”
The booth also has a donation box fixed to the bottom if you feel like supporting the program.  You can check the Artcovz booth and all the art project’s it contains at the Independent Living Facility at 113 Main Street in Batavia.
A link to the University Heights Arts Association Website can be found here.
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